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{Froy Gutierrez} Sebastian Cornell is an eighteen year old writer. He's single, but not sure if he's ready to start looking. He loves to explore different genres, but sticks mostly to fantasy. He's very creative and easygoing. He enjoys making people laugh.

[ Fc: Froy Gutierrez ] Cooper is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, he'll do anything to make you happy. He's twenty three and loves kids. Cooper is a vampire and hopes to find the love of his life.

Look at that cold stare o.o Yikes! --Baptiste Radufe at Michael Kors Spring 2014

Baptiste Radufe at Michael Kors Spring 2014 Prince Erlend inspiration

Zach- Maya's boyfriend becomes Scalet's boyfriend when Maya tries to leave him to save herself, dies by forcing Scarlet to let go of his hand so she can destroy the portal, falls off cliff character inspiration

Me encanta esta fotoo!

Soaking in the sun, Maluma wears Ahlem sunglasses with a polo and pants by Hugo Boss. Maluma also sports a Saint Laurent belt.

Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face

John was a private man, the brother of Charlie's uncle, he'd inherited the ancestral farm and rarely left it even after his unfortunate death.