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I agree....Americans are trying to rewrite or obliterate the South. Read about the real War of Northern Aggression.

Awesome monument to our fallen Confederate soldiers. We lost our freedom, lost states rights and a all powerful federal Govt. has been stealing our freedoms from us ever since.

Confederate "General" Julius Howell Recalls the 1860s - YouTube

In this fascinating interview conducted in 1947 Julius Howell born Jan 1846 recounts his memories of the American Civil War as a Confederate soldier.

Morgan's raiders- an epic raid into Federal territory

Morgan's raiders, a Rebel cavalry outfit waged war against the North, trying to scare the civilian population. It ended when they surrendered near West Point. Morgan later escaped from prison and went South.

Southern Cross Medal of Honor Daughters of The Confederacy 1865

Southern Cross Medal of Honor Daughters of The Confederacy relative from my mom's side of the family received this medal.

flags of the confederacy | Confederate States of America - CSA

California bans government sales or display of Confederate flag Associated Press POSTED: AM PDT