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Building in Seoul, South Korea.

Urban Hell: Cities Of Overpopulated Misery Sometimes, with the mass of people and the output of garbage, living in a city can be an absolute nightmare.

methexys:  IMG_7862~愛看舊建築 (1) (by kkfung20462046)

chitchav: “ i’ve always like the way complexes in major cities look. there’s just something appealing about the way the building was structured it reminds me of how places like these would look in.

Floriane de Lassée

La nuit, les villes et les fenêtres


In Chongqing, one of the most populated cities in China, architects and city planners had to come up with a unique way of developing a vital monorail line. Their solution – having the train pass straight through a apartment building.

die magie und schönheit von künstlichen geisterstädten | look | i-D

die magie und schönheit von künstlichen geisterstädten

"court 4 - hong kong Archival Inkjet print by New York based photographer Ward Roberts