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So true...

Funny pictures about During any math test. Oh, and cool pics about During any math test. Also, During any math test.

And in my head I say the following markiplier quote: why the fuck, did that happen, you son of s bitch

My ABSOLUTE pet peeve! Happens to me all the time! I think- that person isn't worthy of my story then- to make myself feel better haha!

99.999999999% How dare you leave me alone? More than half the time she is so I don’t really have to worry.

99.999999999% How dare you leave me alone? More than half the time she is so I don’t really have to worry.

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I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

GAHHHH!!!!!!! I seriously cannot STAND those converstations!! http://ibeebz.com

I used to text people this its so annoying tho b cos the convos literally ends there 😭

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Most people stuff it in their mouths." I was eating chocolate when I saw this, and I was literally stuffing it in my mouth!


I've been having a Star Wars marathon so this is really funny right now. Like I just used the Force to open the doors at Walmart.

11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... *pack up and sprint across the school* Teacher: Why are you late? Me: Ask my English teacher.... She'll know.

Except my teacher. Teacher:get ready for home Me:wait. There's 30 more mins Teacher: well we need to -fill out our planners -get backpacks -get papers Me: oh ok well let's get cracking

Stay, good pintres

so relatable. I have a habit of talking to inanimate objects. What's worse is that I feel like it works.

Teenager Post #44097 ~ Sleeping is hard in the summer because blankets are too warm but without blankets I'm vulnerable to monsters. ☮

Because it totally makes sense that a fuzzy blanket could protect me from anything and everything. This is what fans and aircon are for!

Haha yeaaah right b4 the exams

Ive done this before and the teacher comes over and looks at me funnily.: you said to highlight the important parts. Teacher: *walks over to desk,pulls out candy,*here you go!