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Pretty much self explanatory Multiple Personalities

BT Anjio http://www.xn--aciltp-t9a.com

BT Anjio http://www.xn--aciltp-t9a.com

erinhansen [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Assignment 10: Bullying posters

A social issue that teenagers face is cyber bullying, and just bullying in general. People think that because they are behind a screen they can say whatever they want to.



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Affairemortal: Утренний чай, (Morning Tea) by Serge N. Way cool photo.

Exactely like belief without evidence.. Both are counter intuitive! Things that don't make sense...An indefensible, worn out worldview! The kids know...gwabi

Racism is something you learn, not something you are born with life quotes quotes quote life lessons racism life sayings equality

Throw up your soul , little girl by iNBLACK  cesare longhi on Flickr.

What if, in that fight, he accidentally (or on purpose) took her soul? Or is it his sisters soul that's taken? (And there's darkness in it?

Dissoziative Störungen – Spezialfall DIS

I got: Dissociative identity disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)! Take The Ink Blot Test (Rorschach Test) To Find Out Who You Are!

Digital Arts Inspiration for Digital Creatives

In one haunting photograph, an Australian photographer took his own internal experience with anxiety — and turned it inside out. Talk about stress!

Serebral Venöz Tromboz Nedir? - Acil TIP

Serebral Venöz Tromboz Nedir? - Acil TIP