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The moors of Wuthering Heights  #inspiration #image #haunting

on the moors they stood, and loved- though i'm afraid it was a sad love, for all that their hearts knew they thought their hearts knew alone.

https://flic.kr/p/cpv3HC | High Tide. | 302/365  E - Enormous. Funny story to go with this photo but you'll find that out in a few photos from now (:

The water was icy cold, biting at her already chapped skin, and she could hardly make her fingers release their death hold on the rock. Yet time was of the essence; nothing but the tide could carry her away from this place and the tide waits for no man.


Wuthering Heights, Modern

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Now every mortal life has pain and sweat is constant, But if there is anything dearer than being alive it’s dark to me. by Anne Carson)