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I didn't catch him. I didn't catch Crow. I had seen him, chased him, and nearly got him. Is this how police detectives felt when chasing a criminal?  I remember his laughter, muffled by the black scarf he wore around his neck and on the lower half of his face. It was taunting. How do you catch a hacker? Not on the internet for sure. There, they are just ghosts. But in the real world, they are someone. And I will find out who.

He was staring at the sky, but he wasn't looking at it. You know how sometimes people have to stare to hold back their tears? Well, that's what he was doing.

i don't know why but it looks like she's moving.

The weight of a simple human emotion weighs me down more than the tank ever did (The fault in our stars)

Walking in City Darkness

The rain makes us all a little more romantic , makes us all a little more vulnerable, that's why I love it. People walking in the fog and rain under umbrellas.

Adam Belt, A Religious Experience

Adam Belt / A Religious Experience (Installation) 2012 Plywood, Sunlight, and Fog Machine x x Three windows were covered with plywood in the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La.