発見!!!アンドレイ・タルコフスキーの16枚の個人的なポラロイド写真‎-2013年8月20日-やはり、物語るその映像美のスゴさ。 - シネフィル - 映画好きによる映画好きのためのWebマガジン

memoryslandscape: “Andrei Tarkovsky, from Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids by Giovanni Chiaramonte (Thames and Hudson, ”

Have a look at Gerhard Richter's painting 'Seascape (Contre-jour)' from 1969 which is featured on a German stamp.

Richter, Seestück (Gegenlicht) Seascape (Contre-jour) 1969 200 cm x 200 cm…

Travel - Max Wanger Photography...don't miss the Eiffel Tower here

So many amazing, amazing, amazing pictures on this website!

polaroid @Fernando Berlanda Berlanda Portabales

A lot of old photos have strong exposure, which can lead to gorgeous imagery, a lot of which could perhaps benefit from the likes of text overlay.

David Swailes / |

Untitled photograph by David Swailes // dig the lomo light leak effect