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How to transfer any photograph or picture onto wood using only a printer and wax paper!

How to print pictures on wood. Wax Paper transfer.

42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell - Big DIY IDeas Transfer photo to wood using wax paper.

Reset an empty ink cartridge. Life hack. My whole life is a lie! omg the amount ive thrown away as well!

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DIY Personalized Candle - This idea would be great for white Christmas candles w / a verse

DIY Personalized Candle - kids or grand-kids can make and give as a gift. Kids draw picture on wax paper then wrap it around a white candle and heat with hair dryer until it melts onto the candle. mother's day gift ideas, crafts for kids

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May try with coffee can, i have a ton of those. beautiful DIY idea , an old paint can to pebble planter.This would make a great house warming gift as well.

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1. Cut sheets of waxed paper to the size of computer paper. 2.  Print your image onto the waxed paper with any Inkjet printer. 3.  Carefully place the image on your wood (wet side down) rub over it with a credit card. 4.  Removed waxed paper  5.  Seal with a matte spray wood sealer .  Dampening the wood a bit with a sponge will make the transfer darker, but it might blur and smudge if you’re not extremely careful.

How to print pictures on wood. Wax Paper transfer.

How to transfer an image onto fabric using wax paper and your printer!

Technique : transfer an image onto fabric, wood, cork, porcelain. An easy tutorial for transferring an image onto fabric. No special materials needed!

Print a Photo onto tissue to modge podge onto canvas! So Neat :)

{DIY} Photo Canvas Wall Art = Transfer onto Canvas by printing photo onto tissue paper & mod podge onto canvas! Supplies: Canvas Printer *with ink* :) Tissue Paper Regular printer paper Scissors Tape Mod-Podge Brush

Video Tutorial: Using wax paper to transfer an image

Wax Paper Transfer Video Tutorial

Wax paper transfers Have you been looking for an inexpensive way to transfer an image? Check out this great WAX PAPER IMAGE TRANSFER tutorial. The video helps with the all the details!