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Core strength 🔥 try a 30 second hold 4x


5 WORKOUT MISTAKES that are detrimental to your success!
1️⃣ You think you have to do complicated workouts to see results:
If the workout is too difficult or makes you self-conscious you are more likely to skip it, and consistency is KEY to getting results. 

2️⃣ You think you need to invest in a bunch of equipment or have a gym membership:
You don’t need to have fancy machines and contraptions to get a killer workout. I have consistently worked out at home now for over 3.5 years with basic “home-gym” essentials like a few pairs of dumbbells, resistance bands with handles, and bench (optional) - that’s it! 

3️⃣ You think you have to spend hours working out to see the results you want:
Believe it or not, your results are NOT dependent on the duration of your workout, they are dependent on your intensity. Your body changes when the demands you place on it change. When that happens, your body is forced to adapt. You can challenge yourself with heavier weights, shorter rest times or extra reps.

🗣REAL TALK: long workouts are not maintainable long term. If you want to see real results that actually last, establish a workout routine that is sustainable for everyday life. 

4️⃣ You think cardio is the best way to train for weight loss:
It’s easy to think cardio is the best way because you can burn more calories during your session. Resistance training allows you to burn 3x more calories than fat. You won’t get bulky because it helps make you look leaner due to muscles being more dense compared to fat.

5️⃣ You think you have to “workout” every day: 
If you workout every single day, you’re never giving your muscles the opportunity to rebuild and grow. You can work as hard as you want in your workouts, but without recovery means you won’t get results you want.
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