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Marketing agencies must use top creative advertising techniques and ideas to attract many visitors. Here, i collected 37 smart and creative advertisements !

Amnesty International / / Locked! | Blog Marketing Alternatif

Amnesty International campaign against abusive imprisonment for political and religious reasons. They put these stickers at the back of small lockers in public places.


Advertising Times: Les meilleurs tacles publicitaires à travers le monde

Charmin bus advertising - Guerrilla Marketing |

When bus advertising campaigns are infused with great creative, brands and their messages become memorable and hope not to cause a traffic incident.

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“Great advert from German recruitment company”

Signing++ gaaf voorbeeld van Kleenex. #mmmi

We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also…

nikonこちらはニコンD700の広告です。 だれかが広告の前を通るとセンサーが反応してカメラのフラッシュがたかれるという仕組みです。まるでセレブ気分!

time-to-art: “Nikon Interactive Billboard: At a busy subway station, Nikon installed an interactive, light-box billboard displaying images of paparazzi. Huddled together jostling and competing for the.

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Creative advertising

23 Excellent Examples of Creative Advertising - UltraLinx

#Birra da bere ;) #guerriglia #marketing #beer #viralmarketing! ;)

Advertising of non-alcoholic beer "Indus Pride" of SAB Miller INDIA.

Life's too short for the wrong job - Jobsintown Advertising

Life is Too Short for the Wrong Job - Ad Campaign: Photo Booth

Difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

Guerrilla Marketing is all about creating buzz and unconventional marketing tactics. Below are some great examples of Guerrilla Marketing that I believe ma

Exemplos Criativos Marketing de Guerrilha | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

Skin Cancer Towel - this is how I imagine the Adams Family goes to the beach.

Pubblicità imbarazzanti!

Pubblicità imbarazzanti!

advertising - Brilliant, I just love this.

Floor graphic that uses humans to re-create fleas on this dog. This giant “floor sticker” was placed in a shopping centre in Indonesia, the ad is for Frontline Flea & Tick Spray and uses the slogan, “Get them off your dog.

worst jobs: german ATM machine operator

Creative Ad Campaign Reminds You To Do What You Love

Jobs In Town, a German staffing agency, devised these creative eye catching ads for their marketing campaign. The ads translate to "Life's too short for the wrong job" Ah I always wondered if cashiers had to squeeze into cash machines 👍