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Trouser plants. No instructions on how this is done....but then again, it's not rocket science.

Customer: "Um excuse me are those jeans for sale".um no sorry you have to buy the plant to get the jeans"

Sofa Jeans Cushions by KARE-DESIGN

Sofa Jeans Cushions by KARE-DESIGN

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Ampulden Yapılan İlginç Tasarımlar

DIY Light Bulb "Hot Air Baloons" Hang from anywhere. Could be decorated with puff-paint, wire, and a thimble. Amber- use burnt out smaller, decorative bulbs to make hot air balloon earrings.

Mooie lamp van kant

I've noticed more and more that people get rid of doilies either by thrifting them, giving them away for free, or throwing them out. Here's a creative and unique looking idea for a light shade using doilies.

Originales relojes de pared caseros

To make this wooden pallet wall clock you also need to be well versed with this specific skill related to watches and clocks. But if you just have to make it as a symbolic and static clock, just go for it.

How to make floor mats with used cloth step by step DIY tutorial instructions | How To Instructions

Another look at making and using old t-shirt yarn. and should there be left overs from "wagon wheels"- How to make floor mats with used cloth step by step DIY tutorial instructions