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REPAIRED HEART kintsugi piece

“Kintsugi: the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold-infused lacquer. The practice adheres to the philosophy of treating breakage and repair as natural parts of an object’s history,.

I really want these! Lmao. This reminded me of when Claudius told Gertrude not to drink out of the cup but after she did she knew she was poisoned.

This teacup notifies the drinker that they have been poisoned only after they have finished the entire drink. Gertrude received a similar after-the-fact notification when she began to feel sick after she took a sip from a poisoned drink.

A Decorated Car in the Flower Market, Calcutta, 1953. Leo Rubinfien. Chromogenic print

kafkasapartment: A Decorated Car in the Flower Market Calcutta Leo Rubinfien. Chromogenic print Loved by Mrs.

Moving past mistakes and the skeletons people keep in their closets can be hard when you carry them around in your life.

aesthetic for a non binary undertaker for a head mate - mod crow art

hey i sprained my finger and the whole things purple but oh well ive got shit to do

i sprained my finger. the whole things purple. oh well ive got shit to do