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Individuals who feel chills from music have more "openness to experience.

Psychology Study: Regular walking can help ease depression.

Psychology Study: Belief in free will promotes more flexible thinking. There is always more than one choice to any given situation, so don't forget it!

The Emotion Machine

Taking a walk leads to more creativity than just sitting.

I not sure if I would want that Dr to be mine, especially in a surgery, if needed.

messed up. No wonder there is crappy doctors.

People with a bigger vocabulary are seen as more attractive. Maybe smart is sexy?

Inmates who feel guilt are more likely to stay out of jail later on. One positive function of guilt and regret is to change our future behaviors.

Kids who are allowed to play freely have greater social success as adults. Unstructured play time allows children to develop the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances and environments - an ability that comes in very handy when life becomes unpredictable as an adult.

Believing you've slept well even if you haven't improves cognitive ability. Type of placebo effect?

Instead of telling your kids, "You're really smart" say, "Good try!" or "I like the way you did that." Encourage and reward effort and practice. The same goes for how you praise yourself too.

Sad music enhances positive emotions when you "appreciate its beauty." I have noticed this.

Psychology 30 - Rationalization

This is a common pattern for not only abusers, but also general public. Made me frustrated / Sad when I noticed people rationalize things that go wrong or obviously problematic.

Psychology Facts

Most CEOs are also sociopaths!

The Psych Mind.

The Psych Mind.

Psychology Study: Your voice gives away your confidence level within milliseconds.

Perspective-taking can improve empathy in narcissists.

Girls who choose to be with someone because that person has even lower self esteem than they do, run the risk of lowering their own feelings of self worth even further, because even if it may guarantee that the person they are with will never leave them, they are still living a complete lie and until they are honest with themselves and face up to this fact, it is unlikely they will ever be truly happy no matter how often they tell themselves otherwise.

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thepsychmind:  Fun Psychology facts here!

thepsychmind: “Fun Psychology facts here!

Playing Tetris can reduce urges to eat, smoke, and drink.

Hmmm I didn't know this?

Yes yes yes, how true this is. They think u r crazy for this and they also are scared of what they don't understand. It's a double whammy. Most people don't want to really understand.

People think you're crazy if you talk about things they don't understand.

Sounds like music and it is coming from my headphones.

thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here!