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Mart, 2015 | OkulÖncesi Sanat ve Fen Etkinlikleri Paylaşım Sitesi - Part 3

What a great idea for motor skill development and also for storytelling (great way to take a journey!

çizgi çalışmaları

Practice for loops - write dance. could use for cursive c pattern

balon baskisi

Balloon printing with partially mixed paint to get a marbleized circle.make caterpillars, flowers, bugs, etc.

Şekil küpü

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Practice - love this idea. Make a die and have students connect any two pictures depending on roll of die. Roll the pattern a and interpret it onto an instrument*

Motora grossa

This is a fun activity in order to encourage the development of praxis skills. The child is required to think about/plan his or her movement patterns in order to get to the other side!

can ve cerenin oyun günlüğü: Mandallarla sayı eşleştirme

can ve cerenin oyun günlüğü: Mandallarla sayı eşleştirme

Miniğinize çok küçük yaşlardan itibaren sayıları ve saymayı öğretmek isterseniz bu oyun tam size göre. Sayı saymaya ve sayıları öğrenmeye ufak bir başlangıç niteliğinde olan bu oyunu miniğinizin ço…

Love: Toddler Activity Counting with Bowls - Things you'll need: Plastic or Styrofoam bowls Sharpie or Marker Multiple objects that can fit inside the bowls (we used pom poms from Target's dollar section)

Lace beads or cheerios onto pasta sticking up in play dough! Excellent way to practice fine motor skills!

PATTERNS Preschool Pattern Towers - playdough, bamboo skewers, straw pieces // Frugal Fun for Boys