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Wondering how to make those beautiful brown eyes pop? Here are some great color combinations for eye shadow.

Make up for green eyes

Younique Virtual Party for Caitlin Graynor

Here's a perfect way to view not only the contour of your eye but the right color. Visit my website at and check out the Virtual Makeover section. Here you can create your own look at the privacy of your home, then contact me for any questions or products you're interested in.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Colours According to Your Eye Shape. the-eyes-have-it-how-to-apply-eyeshadow-colours-according-to-your-eye-shape/

Make blue eyes pop with Younique Pigments

Younique Pigments: Your eyes have an entire rainbow of expression. Play with 34 luxurious colors made of finely milled minerals, amino acids, and vitamins-nutrition for your skin. Apply wet for a dramatic pop of color or dry for a softer, blended look.

How to apply eye shadow

Eye make up is an important component of your flawless look. So before going for something, do not be lazy to do the research on what compliments you most! - Tap the link now to get your teeth whitening kit for FREE!

What Eye Shadow Colors Go Well with Eye Colors #makeup #tip #eyeshadow

What Eye Shadow Colors Go Well with Eye Colors: A Month of Makeup

Lidschatten- und Augen- Farben

We have the must-see eyeshadow guide for every eye color. Find your perfect match now! (Beauty Tips For Nails)

I love these tutorial things to guide you through the makeup look.

TOP 10 Easy Natural Eye Makeup Tutorials

The natural look never goes out of style. Great natural look that lasts from day to night is always a good choice for every occasion.

Bronze. Winter Eye Makeup Siga/ Follow>>>>

10 Bronze Makeup Tutorials for Girls

Makeup Ideas with Makeup Tutorials For Blue eyes with Pretty Golden Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes