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Photos recipe "puff salad with red fish, rice and vegetables"

KULINARIA: 7 amazing ideas originally formed fresh salads

Cookie cutter for center. Slice a slit to loop cukes together.

Цветы из перчиков и ветчины, закуска украшение стола. МК.


Misafirlerinize hoş salata sunumları yaparak onları şaşırtmak ister misiniz? O zaman arşiv niteliğindeki, yıllarca yararlanabileceğiniz resimlerimize mutlaka bakın, saklayın ve sevdiklerinizle paylaşın.

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تزئین لیمو ترش به شکل گل

DIRECTIONS Take a lemon, cut the ends off and cut it in half Make thin slices of the lemon Pick one of the slice and roll it up Take another and overlap

Рецепт Салат "Ананас"

Салат "Ананас"

Рецепт Салат "Ананас"

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Idea for Halloween decor, eyeball flowers. Assumedly they bought some fake flowers and superglued the eyes into the center.

This would be delightful for an outdoor meal....I need something that I can hang this from though

DIY Chandelier garden glass jar - dollar store or mason jar - instead have kids paint insides with tinted outdoor mod podge {Class Project}