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Inspiration: Plant-lined courtyards separate the three single-storey volumes that form this house designed by MIA Design Studio for a coastal city of Vietnam

Thyrsostachys siamensis -  This is a bamboo that does it all. Highly esteemed for its grace and beauty, it’s construction grade canes are thick walled, straight and strong. Lower nodes often solid. Very compact and vertical with small leaves that create a cloud-like effect. Canes can get to about 40 feet tall in rainy areas, shorter on the leeward sides.  Outstanding lumber, edible shoots.

Thyrsostachys siamensis - Non Invasive Bamboo. Look into even more by checking out the image


Image 17 of 22 from gallery of Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio. Photograph by Oki Hiroyuki


tree lined path, good use of additional pavers for "Passing area", (Exotic Garden by Werner Design Associates and Mark de Reus in Kona, Hawaii)

Bamboo Privacy Screen - great alternative to a regular privacy wall and planting…

bamboo barrier ... 16"wide. 24"deep. lined with double layer of 40ml plastic that protudes 1" above ground...

Bamboo Barrier Bamboo growth can be controlled by surrounding the plant or grove with a concrete wall or using to 30 inch deep) 40 mil.

Nathan Burkett's garden - desire to inspire - www.desiretoinspire.net

Nathan Burkett's garden - desire to inspire - desiretoinspire.net