¿Escenografía? ¿Arquitectura?¿Arte conceptual? o ¿Forma de vida? #redeshabitación #suspendidos

From Numen / For Use focuses on objects and concepts set without a specific use, resulting in hybrid and experimental work, as the series Numen / Light and tape facilities Numen / Tape.

modular furniture - Buscar con Google

This works with the triangles that i have been pushing via Buckminster Fuller- stackable and lots of scope for alternative configurations. SimpliSeat by Maksim Shniak, via Behance

Paper sculpture

Matthew Shlian - paper sculpture {{this guy can do amazing stuff with paper, just phenomenal, I love it (gab) }}

hand tutorial, great lessons for drawing hands.:

Video tutoriales para aprender a dibujar manos

Very Descriptive step by step and hand positions :: how to draw a hand, drawing hands tutorial, drawing lesson:

23rd October 2014 Tutorials | WeWantToLearn.net

23rd October 2014 Tutorials

Here are couple inspiring pictures from our last tutorial. Students are now focusing on developing larger models. They will soon choose between submitting an installation for Buro Happold's new HQ or the Burning Man festival.