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Doctor Who He really does have the best companions to tell him he shouldn't be…

They know him well. Even after 1 adventure with the Doctor, Donna knew what he needed.

A Tribute To Doctor Who - Meme Center -- haha River: You only get to see your husband once a day? That must be a killer on the relationship. /s< Best thing I've read today.

Pest control!!

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war. - For real, this was an awesome moment in tv.>> I squeed at this part, DALEK SASS!

Help... my mind can't cope...

Marry Poppins is a Time Lord and the last regeneration. :D ^ this is not the only time he has quoted Marry Poppins! It is settled, she is a Time Lady!

I do have to correct this one thing... he has never matured because he still acts like a 5 year old.

The Doctor's age - that moment when you realize it's been 300 years since he lost Rose Tyler. :'( <--- WWHHHYYY<<The moment when you realize he spent 100 years traveling without the ponds

River protects her dad

"Father and Daughter moment, river shot a monster because her father was scared.

Doctor Who

The physics of Timey Wimey explained at last in one of the saddest episodes ever! (I thought it was the saddest until I saw the Time of the Doctor)


I'd love to see the Doctor and Stormy all grown up. Make it happen, Moffat! All I'm thinking is Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, grows up to be Tom Hiddleston I vote YES!