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Mondern Mondays Episode 2 — How to dice an onion

Published on March 21, 2022
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Cook Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 1 serving
How to dice an onion. Welcome back to “ Modern Mondays “ Episode 2. Mondays I show you the basics of chopping, cutting, and cooking. Today’s episode is highly requested and the most requested video of all. I am showing you how I like to dice onions and giving you all the tips below.
    • ✨use a sharp knife — my knives are in my highlights so take a
    • look but you can use any
    • ✨don’t remove the root of the onion it will keep the onion in tact
    • ✨the horizontal cuts are optional but it does makes for a finer dice. Skip this step if it makes you nervous
    • ✨steady cutting board — make sure the board doesn’t move on the counter. Use a damp paper towel under the board, a non slip mat or a board that has grips. The paper towel method is my favourite
    • ✨sturdy hold on the knife and never put your pointer finger on top of the knife. Wrap your hand around the handle closer to the bottom. Your hand shouldn’t be near the top of the handle where you have no control
    • ✨the claw — when cutting anything always make a “ claw ” with your hand and place your knuckles down on the vegetable you are cutting. Your knuckles will protect you from cutting yourself and guide you.
    • ✨have patience and enjoy the process. This should be relaxing and therapeutic
    Cut a little bit off of the front end of the onion leaving the back end which is the root in tact. Place it flat side down and cut it in half straight through the root. Take each halve and peel off the top skin. Place it flat side down and optionally start making 3-4 horizontal cuts. Skip the horizontal cuts if you wish and proceed to the next step. Now you can make lengthwise cuts that are closer together and slice as close to the root as you possibly can. Last but not least , start dicing the onion by making horizontal cuts perpendicular to the ones you just made. Let me know what other tutorials you want in the comments or leave any questions below.

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