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Danish Design IV13Q1022 Danskreen Black Watch looks different

It’s the sophisticated use of Scandinavian style which has made the Danish Design Honeycomb Unisex Watch a class by itself.

웨어러블 기기 디자인 참고

The Ziiiro Mercury Watch displays time in a simple and unique way: The tip of the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time.

Ring Clock $185.00 i think i pinned them when they were just concept rings but i still want em

Ring Clock

Ring Clock is a mechanical ring, which displays the current time. It has three rings for displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. The current time is highlighted, and there is an indicator so the wearer can know which way to put it on.

É hora de Apostar no seu Estilo!  Relógio Massa da @tayroc!

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The Klokers KLOK-2, a unique take on the travel watch

The Klokers KLOK-2, a unique take on the travel watch

25 montres sublimes au design atypique https://hodie-mihi.com/collections/all-charity

25 montres sublimes au design atypique

Points in the right direction Nadir is the deepest point on a celestial sphere…

Projects Nadir

Points in the right direction Nadir is the deepest point on a celestial sphere directly beneath a surface position. It indicates the profoundest depth which lies below. The Nadir watch never strays fr

Botta-Design UNO 24 Neo Single Hand Watch - on aBlogtoWatch.com "from a modern standpoint, probably one of the most important brands to know about in regard to single-hand watches with contemporary designs is Botta Design, by German Klaus Botta. I believe it was 1986 that he first released his modern collection of single-handed 'Uno' watches. In fact, according to Botta Design, it was Klaus Botta himself who produced the first ever wrist watch with a single-hand..."

Botta Design UNO 24 Neo watches with display, single hour hand, modern design, and accessible price.



Piston Heads Analog Watch: Consists of 12 large dots as hour indicators and 10 small dots, each divided into 6 sections as minute indicators. The system uses the rise and fall of the dots to tell the time.

Piston Heads Analogue Watch Design

600 × pixel - https://soheri.guugles.com/2018/01/16/600-a-pixel/

600 × pixel - https://soheri.guugles.com/2018/01/16/600-a-pixel/