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Human Anatomy Body Positions

Human anatomy body positions and movements to help understand some of the terminology when lifting weights.

patient positioning - KNOW THIS. So when your patient is suddenly hypotensive…

Trendelenberg-the best for pulling up a heavy patient in bed! Patient positioning - KNOW THIS. So when your patient is suddenly hypotensive, you can trendelenberg them to get that pressure up or do a passive leg raise.

SoSanguineRN : nurseeyeroll: studentparamedics: Different...

SoSanguineRN : nurseeyeroll: studentparamedics: Different things affecting blood vessels

Thready pulse | definition of thready pulse by Medical dictionary

Looking for online definition of femoral pulse in the Medical Dictionary? What is femoral pulse? Meaning of femoral pulse medical term. What does femoral pulse mean?

lesson and quiz on the skeletal system...for  both

Labeled Skeletal System Diagram

Location of Spinal Cord Injuries

Around people suffer a severe spinal cord injury. Some stemming from car accidents, sports injury, falls especially in the elderly, gunshot and knife wounds and many others. Your spinal cord is.

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