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Cranial Nerves- My dental hygiene school pneumonic to remember them:"On Old Olympus Towering Top a Fin and German View a Hop.

I wish I had this chart when I was learning the 12 nerves, haha :D

The 12 cranial nerves are: I - Olfactory nerve II - Optic nerve III - Oculomotor nerve IV - Trochlear nerve/pathic nerve V - Trigemin.

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Facts About Bones

Facts About Bones. Okay hyoid bone. Don't put a picture of a sacrum next to the fact about a hyoid bone.

Abdominal Pain

When someone says "my stomach hurts" they don't realize all the stuff running through a medical mind


This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before taking you step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.

@Rosemary Fernandez Alvarez now i can continue to self diagnosis myslef hahah

Abdominal pain grid - good to know for next time i have random stomach pains!

Reference guide for dermatology - describing a 'rash' (via Abbas Husain @Abbas Husain)

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Kidney - Healthly and Unhealthly

by Kimberly Allen, RN In the past chronic kidney disease, or CK,D went by other names like chronic renal failure and chronic renal disease.

The Color of Pee ~ Are you hydrating enough

Drinking Water - can usually clear up/change the color of Urine. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PEE? Urine Color Chart: "The color of your urine says something about your HEALTH." Infographic from Cleveland Clinic HealthHub