Double Andalusian Stitch

Andalusian Stitch Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches plus 1 extra stitch Rows 1 and 3 (right side): Knit Row Purl Row Purl *Knit purl repeat from * to * to the end of row. These 4 rows form the pattern.

Andalusian Stitch - quite simple. Basically, 1st row knit, 2nd row purl, 3rd row k1,p1, 4th row purl.

Andalusian Stitch knits and purls four row pattern repeat It's kind of a stockinette base so I did at each end of each row so it wouldn't roll.

Easy to follow and suitable for beginners. The Ridge Rib stitch is a combination of knit, purl stitches  |

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how to knit using the waffle knitting stitch

Waffle knitting stitch: Multiple of 3 + row (right side): , rep from * to end. Rep these 4 rows.

Ravelry: 4x2 Basket Weave pattern by craftcookie

Every Saturday I will share with you a new stitch. Today& stitch is: Basket Weave Beautiful variation of the traditional Bas.

The pattern uses a chunky or bulky weight yarn with a big hook making it a quick project, perfect for last minute gifts! I would rate it an advanced beginner pattern but you only need to be familiar with basic stitches. Color pictures are also included for some steps to ensure you understand the pattern. I am available to answer questions about the pattern should you need support.

Chunky Ombre Cowl pattern by Pure Grace Threads Etsy Shop