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British actors Douglas Booth and Emma Watson are photographed by Christian Oita and styled by Matthew Josephs for the February/March 2014 issue of Wonderland magazine.

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Gallery of photos showing Emma Watson styles. Emma Watson dress sense, clothes, accessories and hairstyles.

Emma Watson graces Vanity Fair June 201 issue

Dear Emma, hopefully you can get to a place where none of it matters; most importantly who judges your life from their lawn chair.

エマ・ワトソン - 超絶キュートすぎる大人イノセントなフォト | 海外セレブファッションスナップ CELEB SNAP

エマ・ワトソン - 超絶キュートすぎる大人イノセントなフォト | 海外セレブファッションスナップ CELEB SNAP

Emma Watson Style, Ale, Hermione, Kristen Stewart, Kate Middleton, Mixer, Venus, Divas, Idol

Emma Watson, Natural Energy 1 - notice the right angle jawline, her head is a bit further back than is natural but the neck-throat are a great representation of 1