Does anyone else think this looks like Near from Death Note?! No? Just me? Okay

claviee: I’m not an art thief at all nop :3c

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Sora Karashi is the new student at Ouran Academy, upon the request found in her mother's will. Due to her abusive aunt and uncle, she is forced to dress, act.

Web漫画、小説、イラスト見るなら! - メディバン

Web漫画、小説、イラスト見るなら! - メディバン

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First Love Monster ~ Shinonhara, omg I loved him so much! My shy lil cinnamon roll

This is literally me and my cat, she's not the best cuddler...

I'm Cairo! I'm and I have two different colored eyes! Sorry, I'm really excitable! Oh, this is my cat Fluffs!