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A seagull at Karakoy / Istanbul...

A seagull at Karakoy / Istanbul.

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This is a seagull by the on the seashore looking out at the beach. It relates to the ecosystem by they eat dead fish that wash up on the shore. The animals that eat this bird seagull are foxes, weasels, sharks and predatory birds.

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Möwen-Fotografie vom Feinsten

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Flock of seagulls- i love the middle bird..i want that traced out

Flock of seagulls- i love the middle bird.i want that traced out


A black headed gull (Winter feathers) trots along a heavily frozen pond in the New Forest, Hampshire UK. I like photographing gulls for some reason.

Parmi les oiseaux marins, le Goéland leucophée, communément appelé « Gabian » dans la région marseillaise, voit ses effectifs se stabiliser.

Yellow-legged Gull (Larus michahellis) Europe, Middle East and North Africa