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Crear fácil a cuadros de punto con esta técnica simple!

I wonder if I could add vertical stripes to my loomed items.Knitted stripes with vertical stitches picked up with crochet hook.Create easy knitted plaid with this simple technique!

Вязание: Для детей

Вязание: Для детей

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Örgü Süsleme Sanatı Örnekleri

Nurdan Koruç

Hand embroidery takes this simple knit cardigan from plain vanilla to spectacular. I've saved two or three patterns I could embellish like this. (Okay, I probably have a hundred patterns I could spiff up like this!

Crochet Beaded Bracelet Cuff. Crochet Jewelry. Mint Turquoise Pink Blue Purple…

This unique cuff is crochet from high quality cotton thread. Main colors are pink, turquoise, purple, lilac, blue and mint.