"Hit it with an axe, wave a knife at it and finish off by showing it a spoon knife, and hey presto, a ladle." Sean Hellman

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Nice simple spoon, pic shows how easy it is to just take a piece of branch and make a spoon... more on www.bushcraftuk.com

Someday, Ill take a branch. From the yard. And turn it into a spoon. Probably a day very far into the future. - Tom's Woodworking Shed

This digital listing is for an instant download of a PDF file containing plans to make the spoon carvers spoon mule shown in the photo. These plans comprise seven A4 pages with a photograph on each page, with annotated measurements and a series of notes to highlight key constructional features. Accompanying this listing are two HD video films that provide an overview of the spoon mule, and me carving an English eating spoon using the mule: Overview of mule…

Spoon Carvers Spoon Mule Plans by BucklehurstLeather on Etsy

Making wooden kitchen spoons and similar utensils

Making wooden kitchen spoons and similar utensils - can you see the utensil hidden in the tree

woodcarving tools- spoon carving chisel, hook, crook chisel - Gilles, Lithuania …

(Handmade woodcarving chisels suitable for both professionals and beginners. Each tool is made from spring steel woodcarving tool set. ), thermally hardened, the edges are sharpened with abrasive paste and finished with leather.

Cuillère en pommier sculptée a la main. Finition par brûlage et huile minérale. – Hand made apple tree spoon. Burnt and mineral oil finish.

Cuillere en pommier – Apple tree spoon

Push the gouge into the wood, working directly across the grain. Then move the handle laterally to make a slicing cut. It is best to remove wood from the center of the bowl first.

Learn how to carve a wooden spoon. Spoon carving is fast and easy - you can make one in an hour.

Wooden Spoon Carving

Handforged Spoon Carving knife with figured hardwood Burl or plain handle. Spoon Carving Knives are available in Large or Small for carving spoons or carving bowls