Mentor - DAVID MEISTER by Caroline Sleutskaya at

>> Design chic dresses with tailored, structured jackets in shades of pink (for the Susan G.

Mentor - HURLEY / NIKE by Caroline Sleutskaya at

>> HURLEY (Nike): Design 6 essential "upcycled" clothing by using items bought in thrift stores and recycling old clothing to create modern, functional, & transformable apparel. Research Eco-Friend.

DIAPORAMA de 12 plans  de collections sur cette page  de la fondation Bergé Saint-Laurent

1988 - YSL sketchbook for the Spring Couture collection : evening gown & cape inspired by Georges Braque

weirdly interesting Technical Sheet 5. Evening Fashion Show STA 2014

weirdly interesting Technical Sheet Evening Fashion Show STA 2014 Mais

Fashion Portfolio - fashion design development; fabric manipulation; fashion illustration; fashion sketchbook // Katie Roberts-Wood

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