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Painted rock is such a growing trend and there are many talented artists that sell painted rock art on Etsy and other e-commerce websites. Their artwork is truly amazing and mesmerizing and so many people find them as an inspiration for their own small crafts. All you need are smooth and flat river rocks and paint. Use acrylic paint or ink, combine rocks with wood, decorate your garden pots or make a stunning piece of art – ideas are really endless. Here are some creative & artsy ideas on...

18 Colorful & Artsy Ideas for Painted Pebble and River Stone Crafts

Rock Craft Ideas are a perfect Spring and Summer activity! We love to collect rocks during our travels or when we are camping.

Rock Craft Ideas

Word Rocks - Paint rocks with inspirational words and leave them at random places for people to find. A great activity for kids. Fun for the hiders and the finders.

a garden of Painted stones - I'm trying this.  I try to have enough rocks semi-painted so that I can give a maker to friends that visit and they can write a message on it for my rock garden

a garden of Painted stones - have rocks semi-painted to give a maker to friends to paint or write a message on it for my 'rock' garden

Great Idea for Stone Art

Looking for easy rock painting ideas? Perhaps you're simply beginning, you're daunted by even more intricate styles, try this, rock painting ideas, very inspiration for DIY or Decor - Rock Painting Ideas