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Juicy Lips by Lighane on DeviantArt

I did some yummy lip practice today and wanted to try something different. Which one is your favorite? <<<<< OMG THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

Colorful Eyes by Lighane.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Some more eye practice - this time it's all about human animal eyes.I would totally be one of the swimming Bahama pigs!

I think i am a Hybrid, but i might be a Vamp, not sure at this point

If your eyes are blue your a mermaid ( obviously ) . if your eyes are brown your a werewolf . If your eyes are hazel your a vampire . And if your eyes are green your a hybrid

Human Animal Eyes by Lighane

Human Animal Eyes by Lighane<<<This is such a good idea for a human-animal hybrid

Female Body Types

Types of female bodies. *please don't be a sensitive "b" about it guys. This is just for fun and not to offend any cry babies out there* < body types girls drawing reference