Nightingale armor

Now I wouldn't want something this bulky or stiff, but imagine it made of a more flexible material (still could have hard parts -- armor, but not so clumpy).

armor for the Caterva : male leather gloves. mabye instead of the bumps on the nuckles spikes. for the outfit of mylo

Oh my god, make me a lady version of this, and I would SO wear it on a motorcycle!

Oh, if only I could find the removable liner for my motorcycle jacket. It would make a perfect base to make this for airsoft and paintball.

Marko Djurdjevic

The necromantic king. The kings necromancer was his apprentice, and he was betrayed. He has planned his apprentices death for a long time now. And how much torture he would inflict upon him.

I imagine this is what the armor of God looks like. Not like the usual one we see often

Modern armor of Janheim Souza, only painted Scarlet, as he is referred to as the Scarlet Knight.