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Jimin ❤ BTS at the Jongro Fansign #BTS #방탄소년단

Jimin ❤ BTS at the Jongro Fansign He is such a cute Kitty ~

Jimin ❤ BTS at the Gimpo Fansign #BTS #방탄소년단

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Jimin needs to open a class to teach "how to be sexy in everything we do" soon srly

Jimin is even sexy drinking water. Like is there anything these boys can't do without looking sexy?

My pouty baby

My pouty baby


Hella fineee (and in the back we see the third member from the left so now this picture is double hella fineee)

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Chim: Ah huyng, em đang cố gắng tập luyện để câu dẫn y/n mà