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Fall Build a Word Phonics Center

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Do you need a seasonal literacy activity? This resource is for you! Fall CVC Build A Word Center! Have your students practice building short vowel words with this small group or center activity. All short vowels, digraphs, blends, and special endings are included in this center. Fall fun for everyone!
Resource Prep: Print, laminate and cut all cards and pieces to the activity. You can cut out the individual baskets and apples or leave them as square cards. Directions are also located on the game card set. Note: You can choose to do all the cards or take out the short vowel sounds you are working on at the time.
Resource Includes the Following:
✤92 Game Card Sets
✤ Includes all 5 short vowel sounds; Digraphs; Blends; Special Ending Words ck, ll, ff, ss)
✤ Fall Build a Word Mat
✤ Fall Build a Word Black & White Master Worksheet
Resource Directions:
Fall CVC Build Word Game: After the game, cards are cut apart and mixed up, children take a picture card and build the word with the letter sounds to make the word. Children must have one of each colored leaf to make the word. Ex: a basket with a cat picture needs the c-a-t to build the word correctly. Children can place the leaves on top of the basket card to build the word.
Fall Build A Word Mat: Children can use these mats to help organize how to build a word. This is a good resource for students who are just learning number sentences and ten frames or for those students who need visual aids.
Fall Build A Word Worksheet: Children can use these worksheets to record their work and as an assessment piece for teachers to see if students are understanding the concepts.
Kids have some fall fun while learning how to sound out words!
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