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Flower Agate Towers

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This is the stone for emotional stability. It helps us overcome life traumas and balances our energy. It illuminates the negativity in our lives so we can learn from it. Flower Agate is said to help us "bloom" into our fullest potential and lets us fulfill our true destiny. Healers say it will have an impact on your emotional state, allowing you to have a zest to live life. Connect to the heart charka with this feminine stone and let go of the pain in your heart.
Overcome self-doubt
Increase self-love
Connect to feminine energy
Intensify manifestations
Reduce stress
Tower shapes are potent chargers. A tower crystal will energize anything that it comes close to, including crystals and you. The energy of the tower comes out of the point and radiates to its surroundings.
Tower size: Approx. 2.5 - 3.5 inches
Country of origin: Madagascar
Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child
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