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Quilted Cushion Covers - Green / 30x50cm

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Looking to elevate your living spaces? Well, we have the perfect fix. Our Quilted Cushion Covers are great if you want an elegant look. They are soft yet textured to upgrade your space. Our cushion covers come in a variety of colours, textures and styles to ensure you find the perfect one. They are great for changing up your cushions while also being able to play around with different colours and textures at a low cost. Our covers will help protect your cushions/pillows and conceal any imperfections that you may want to hide. Why Cushion Covers? Our covers are extremely soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. They are made out of a blend of high-quality polyester and cotton. This ensures that individuals with sensitive skin and babies will not be affected by the materials. Our covers are also easy to maintain, clean and replace as they are washing and drying machine safe. For best results, wash our covers in cold water on a gentle cycle then let the cover tumble dry on the lowest setting. Refrain from ironing and using bleach when washing. By using this method, your covers will not pill, shrink or lose their colour. Installation instructions: To install, unzip the cover and insert the pillow inside. Ensure that the pillow corners line up for a perfect fit. Is it pet-friendly? Our Covers are made out of the highest quality fabrics, this ensures that scratches, scuffs and paw prints will be less visible to the eye. Because quality materials are used, you can be confident that our covers will last and protect your cushions from everyday wear and tear, especially from pet activities. Specifications: Our cushion covers come in different sizes: 30x50cm 40x40cm
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