Charming - love the wire basket pendant lights.

I hope your all having a great pre-holiday weekend I'm so blessed to be spending it with my closest family. Enjoy and be safe

If you only have a narrow room to set up your kitchen in the house, then it is important to choose the layout for the kitchen, especially when you want a full-featured one. A small space is often difficult to carry all the functions of a kitchen, so it needs a more smart use of […]

19 Practical U-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

19 Beautiful Showcases of U-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small HomesInterior Design Seminar

The timeless style of butcher block countertops looks great in farmhouse kitchens and modern kitchens alike.

What to Know About Butcher Block Countertops

DIY Headboard | Padded Patchwork Headboard Instructions

Instructions and photos of how to build your own DIY Padded patchwork headboard.

transom over window

Love the shelf in front of the window, also love the vintage window hanging down. (Would be pretty with a small stained glass window hanging in front where the clear one is here).

You don't have to be stuck with countertops you don't like. There are so many DIY countertops out there that can be done on a teeny, tiny budget! So many DIY countertops to choose from. This round-up shares the best DIY countertops from around the web!

12 DIY Countertops That Will Blow Your Mind

Ditch your old worn out laminate counters, and swap them out for some new DIY wide plank butcher block counters instead.

DIY an upholstered headboard: the easy how-to guide - the sweetest digs

The Easy Way To Make An Upholstered DIY Headboard

Hoje em dia, nós mesmos podemos fazer facilmente cabeceira de cama. Vejam as ideias que trouxe para vocês: Cabeceiras recicladas: janel...

Cabeceiras de Cama

cut 18 or larger pieces of plywood [home depot cuts them for you] wrap the wood in fabric remnants. could do a mini version of this for a headboard by

Several years ago, I found a tutorial on Pinterest showing how to take regular lumber and use it for countertops. I remember showing it to my husband, and as usual, he thought it was a stupid, crazy idea that I had come up with just to save a few bucks, because that is how I …

Using lumber, create a great wood kitchen or bathroom countertop for a FRACTION of the cost of other countertop materials! Several years ago, I found a tutorial…