Classic Summer Fun on a Budget:  20 Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List Like this.

Classic Summer Fun on a Budget: 20 Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Fill up those empty paper plates with grilled Reuben hot dogs, sweet potatoes with chili lime sauce and a pile of honey cinnamon peaches.

Amazing BBQ Recipes to grill out with this summer! they all look amazing cant wait to try them out this summer!

Pinployee and mother of three Karen Lieu spent many summer weekends camping under the stars with her extended family. “The best part of any camping trip is relaxing by the campfire and making s'mores! I share this same love with my kids today.”

10 Projects to DIY this Summer

Put together a smores box before you leave to go camping! No wrappers to deal with and less trash to pack out! Put together a smores box before you leave…

“My college roommate and I took a road trip from California to Missouri,” said Pinterest recruiter Kristen Ervin. “We drove through the Rocky Mountains and the plains of Kansas—it was so much fun we did it again the following summer!”

10 Tips for a Successful Road Trip

10 Road Trip Tips for a Successful Road Trip Learn how to plan and play on your road trip with these tips and hacks that will help you save money and sanity. Focus on the essentials. Written primarily for couples and for friends travelling cross-country

Get a little color this summer with homemade face paint. With only six natural ingredients, it’s skin-friendly and easy to make.

Seriously Easy Homemade Face Paint

Seriously Easy Homemade Face Paint- receta pintacaras casera: You'll Need: Corn starch Face lotion (equal parts) teaspoon vegetable oil and Washable paints or natural food coloring.

“We had a forest in our Colorado backyard,” said Pinterest designer Morgan Keys. “During the summers, we’d gather fallen branches and pine needles to make a woodland den—we even tiled the floor with flat sandstones.”

Fort in backyard.this totally would have been my fort.Christmas lights and all! And believe me, I could have built this! You should have seen what I used to do under my Moms azalea bushes Camping,Exterior Design,Id

“I loooove having BBQ parties with friends, but serving complicated drinks and meals can get messy, not to mention stressful,” said Pinployee and hostess with the mostess Annie Lee. Her trick? “Buffets and self-serve stations, upcyling ideas like beer in a wheelbarrow and some outdoor activities.”

If you need to entertain a large group of people (read: drunkards), use trash cans and a volleyball to play a gigantic game of beer pong. WITHOUT BEER FOR NNO

“Chalk + bare slab of backyard concrete = true childhood happiness. Or, if you're my kid, endless drawings of farting warned!” Sounds like a blast, Evany Thomas!

LOOK: The Coolest Sidewalk Chalk Creations

Sidewalk Chalk Props: Creative Photos Of Kids As Part Of Chalk Art. WE LOVE SIDEWALK CHALK! big list of ideas maybe hold American flag in hand for boys w/ fireworks in background.

“I grew up in a small town full of bars and beauty salons, so my little sister and I had to make up our own fun,” said Pinterest writer Amy Schaefer. “In the summer, we camped in our backyard—tent, sleeping bags, flashlights—and it was even better than the real thing because the bathroom was so close (and clean).”

The Complete Guide To Backyard Camping

Tips, tricks, and game ideas - a complete guide to camping in your own back yard! The kids and I would do this every year Dad slept in the house

Pinployee and road trip fanatic Sarah Shere’s summer memory: “I loved running and rolling down the massive sand dunes at Sleeping Bear National Park, cooling off in Lake Michigan then hiking back up.”

Pinployee and road trip fanatic Sarah Shere’s summer memory: “I loved running and rolling down the massive sand dunes at Sleeping Bear National Park, cooling off in Lake Michigan then hiking back up.

Pinterest’s Anika Briner grew up in Santa Cruz five blocks from the beach. “I'm pretty sure I never wore shoes for the entire 3 months of summer,” she said. “I learned to surf at Cowell's and every time I go back there, I remember catching my first wave when I was 8! So much nostalgia wrapped up in the smell of salty sea air.”

Santa Cruz, CA - 52 Great Weekends .even in the fall and winter! ♥ --- I REALLY miss Santa Cruz!

Pinterest’s Brittany Vaughn grew up in Colorado and loved visiting the Great Sand Dunes. “We spent every summer on the road in my dad's old Scout truck and our best memories were off-roading, surfing the dunes and splashing around in the shallow lakes at the base of the sand.”

Camped at the base of these dunes. Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park, which contains the highest sand dunes in North America, provides stunning views in the shadow of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. miles of sand dunes.

“As a teenager, I spent my summers playing ping pong with my best friend in the backyard,” said Pinployee Manu Guerzoni.

DIY Backyard Games

diy backyard games, outdoor living, painting, I tripped over the travel ping pong net that the kids use on the dining room table on rainy days while cleaning up when it hit me Take the game OUTSIDE

Pinterest designer Victor Ng said, “My sister and I would spend hours in our yard ‘baking’ mud recipes and finding pretty rocks for garnish.”

Make a Mud Pie Kit from Recyclables

You can create this super fun mud pie kit with items destined for the recycle bin. With just a little prep you can turn trash to treasure.

“In college, we’d go on the field behind my freshman dorm and play ultimate frisbee in the sprinklers,” said Pinterest engineer Wendy Lu.

Jumping through sprinklers was so much fun on a hot summer day! Except when you stubbed your big toe on the sprinkler!