...The mountain village of Masuleh in Iran where houses are built into the mountain side, and pedestrian walkways and courtyards are built on the roofs of houses below. No vehicles are allowed.

Masuleh, Iran Masuleh is a breathtakingly beautiful village located in the Talesh mountains. The interesting about Masuleh are the streets. The village is so steep, they had to make the streets on top of the flat roofs of the houses below.


Fantasy terrain by Tabletop World September Blacksmith’s Forge released) - Forum - DakkaDakka All hail the mighty Primarch Russ!

abandoned farm house turned life-sized dollhouse on the Canadian Prairies. artist Heather Benning

Amazing abandoned farm house, turned life-sized dollhouse, on the Canadian Prairies. It was the work of artist Heather Benning - since destroyed due to unstability of the structure.

some Lake-town buildings

some Lake-town buildings for hobbit lord of the rings Lotr terrain citadel warhammer games workshop empire

San Francisco print, Lab Partners. (Assignment: Distorted perspective from photograph and/or actual place.)

Image of Victorians - Few gorgeous illustrations of San Francisco (Lab Partners Shop)

Great way to illustrate the architecture of a neighborhood.

London shop fronts - illustrations by Melody Seal. actually sketch out buildings and places next time. It truly creates a real feel for a piece


Q & A with Nigel Peake

Nigel Peake - 22 Buidlings on the road (from In The Wilds). Drawings for house building block.

flying circus tent. Sign says "Zampano" ... I wonder if it's inspired by La Strada?

Circo Voador // Flying Circus Tent from the Flying House series by French photographer Laurent Chehere.

다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “Gothenburg”

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Santa Catalina | Salva López

Salva Lopéz captures the essence of Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca beautifully with this series of photos commissioned by Monocle magazine.