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a drawing of a woman with holly leaves on her head
UoB History of Art Society’s Instagram photo: “Marion Wallace-Dunlop (1864-1962) Artist, sculptor. A devotee of faery lore, the Celtic twilight and fine art. Wallace-Dunlop campaigned…”
a woman holding a butterfly in front of her face with both hands and fingers on it
a poster with the words when women speak it's mostly poetry written in purple
Sugarviolette Instagram, Casual, Avant Garde, Ivy, Vintage, Fashion, Outfits, Clothes
a blurry image of a person holding a camera in front of their face and hands
Ruth Erdt | Cyanotypes 16 - 22
four panels with different images of people and animals in purple, black and white colors
Bill Sienkiewicz
a person's hand reaching out towards a rock with an intricate design on it