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Sunset, Sunsets

theBalm Rockstar Palette (Balm-Jovi) Lightly swatched on two colors. Palette features twelve eyeshadows, a highlighter, blush, and two lip and cheek creams.

Well I'm Going to try this TODAY:OCT.19 4:14:46 PM and I'm going to see if this Works (NOTE:NOT BUYING THE PRE-MADE GLOWING POLISH) The Cheaper way For me would be Just ~Cracking open a Glowstick and mixing it with Clear Polish~ Im going to see how long i can make it Glow and If it ACTUALLY WORKS! Thanks ~Crayon Cat~

DIY Glow in the Dark Nails. Pour the contents of a flow stick into some clear nail polish, paint your nails a bright colour and top it off with the glowing top coat. The effect will probably be temporary since glow sticks tend to fade rather quickly.