Polat Kutluay

Polat Kutluay

Polat Kutluay
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Ikyaudio PVC borulara fena sarmış. Firmanın borudan üretmediği ürün yok gibi. Firmanın son ürünü PVC boru görünümlü plastik malzemeden yap...

Pictures of amazing things that were made with PVC pipe. PVC pipe is a very cheap item to purchase at your local home improvement store. There are many things you can build using PVC pipe. To make things from PVC

Kozo Masa Lambası

Lamps and lights are indispensable items of any room or house or office. Lamps and lights are used very commonly to lighten up the darker corners of the rooms and also to add atmospheric lightning to your living room. Though, there are some standard desig

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