Wayuu Mochila pattern #1

Wayuu Mochila pattern side repeat 26 24 rows in bottom. 10 increases would mean a 240 stitch bottom. add 6 extra increases to last row or do 2 additional rows on bottom for 260 and 10 side repeats


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Como hacer tira, gasa, fajon tipo wayuu

Como hacer tira, gasa, fajon tipo wayuu, My Crafts and DIY Projects Supernatural Style

Hindeloopen bodem 240 steken

Mochila bag Hindelopen-Tapestry,carry your yarnMochila,back loop only,optional yarn under start bottom magic loop every round EXEPT round 22 that has 16 increases .

Handmade Wayuu Boho Bags | WAYUU TRIBE Crochet Patterns, Fair Trade – WAYUU…

In my internet wanderings I stumbled upon mochila bags…it’s an understatement to say that I find them totally awesome!

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