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a statue of a pig standing in the middle of a room
a small dog with long hair standing on top of a carpeted floor next to a stuffed animal
Badussy dog
the purple monster is standing in front of some food
201 Smiling Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile
a person in a gray rat costume
two ferrets are laying on top of each other in a caged area
40 Photos Revealing How Silly Ferrets Can Be
a ferret sitting on top of an open book
a small bird standing on top of a skateboard
This is Tyler say hi to Tyler
a hamster wearing a crown on top of it's head sitting on a couch
The king has arrived
a white seal with its mouth open and tongue out sitting in the snow on an ice floe
This Baby seal is happy to see you
a hand holding a small animal in it's right hand, with the caption that reads
[deleted by user]
a hamster is hanging upside down on its back with it's front paws in the air
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a small gecko in a glass case with its mouth open