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Trestle White Room Crop 1900

Shown with a walnut top with maple trim Available with various hardwood tops and finishes Standard top sizes: 96 x 40 & 120 x 48 Height: 30

These colorful round table tops are made from vintage reclaimed doors and then layered in color over their original patina. They are a great way to splash some color around your game room, kitchen and dining room, breakfast nook, or any room in your space that begs for some color. They can be made with or without the pool queue rests, and with an emphasis on any color that works with your daecor. The table tops in the photos are 22 inches in diameter and are sitting on pipe-leg props for the…

colorful round table tops, bistro, pub tables, recreation pool room tables with built-in pool queue rests, from reclaimed vintage doors

Loving my latest design! This dining table is ready for 😆 this table was really a fun project! Designs by Donnie