Floriated ornament, a series of thirty-one designs, 1849 - Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin’s Floriated ornament: a series of thirty-one designs from 1849 might look more like colorful snowflakes than botanical designs. Although his bold plates are quite.

orthodoxwayoflife:  I love the sweet smell of incense! :)  Orthodox Christians worship holistically — our worship engages all five senses. B...

"Who is she that goeth up from the desert, as a pillar of smoke of aromatic spices, of myrrh, and frankincense and of all the powders of the perfumer?

Святые Руси Васнецов Виктор Михайлович (1848-1926)

The paintings of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev Cathedral of St. sketch of the Universal Church


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