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Creative Science and Engineering for Kids - Science Buddies Blog

Best Science Toys For Kids – STEM Skills & Brain Growth

Homemade tinker toys in the library - No budget? Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes and straws to make your own building components for a library center!

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How to set up the Science Center in your Early Childhood Classroom

How to set up the science center (with freebies) in your early childhood classroom.


How to Make a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Using Mud

Picture of How to Make a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Using Mud

Best Science Apps for Kids (ages 4-21)

best educational science apps for pre-teens

Bottle Ecosystem, This is the most awesome class idea to teach ecosystems! Its self contained and you can observe the activity for the rest of the year. No mess no fuss and all of this cost about 17 dollars.

Working 5 to 9 .... Math and Science: 5th Grade Science Foldables