using feathers

Бабочки и др.

Love this idea of using the decorative bit of a peacock feather as part of the design!

Flores de tule.

DIY gorgeous chiffon flowers

DIY Tutorial ● Chiffon and Tulle flowers. I would use a broach or button for middle of the flower.

Oscar de la Renta

Fab - Oscar de la Renta - Spring 2013 (photo by Xavi Menós).love the ricrac rosettes

Really nice table runner example it is easy to make and seems perfect. Your dinnig table will be cool.

Broche avec cristal, perles et paillettes. Atelier - Foire Masters - faits à la main, fait main

Бисер и Совы

Brooch with a crystal, pearls and paillettes. A master class - the Fair of Masters - handwork, handmade // Martha Foss

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